Are fake news, misleading reviews/comments, or inaccurate information around online platforms affecting your business?
If yes, then it’s high time to take back control of what message is being served to your audience. We bring you the most effective solutions to protect and promote your brand’s image with Online Reputation Management services by Netscape Digital. We’re a team of experienced individuals specializing in safeguarding your reputation and promoting your brand online.

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Online Reputation Management is about shaping and structuring the way the public sees your business to match the way you see it.

ORM should be included in the ongoing approach to build a healthy brand online -and not added later. Many businesses overlook the importance of a reputed brand image until they suffer a negative strike leading to a sudden disturbance in their reputation and ultimately their sales. That’s why it’s more important than ever to partner with an ORM agency to track, trace, and spark conversations around your brand.

Online reputation management can be a tough time-consuming task, especially in today’s digitally empowered world where everyone has an opinion on everything. As you expand your business across various platforms and channels it can become an overwhelming job to keep track of every single comment or piece of information floating around the internet regarding your brand.

At Netscape, our mission is to help businesses protect, influence, and enhance their reputation in the digital space to take or take back ownership of what message is being served to their audience. We understand how one negative comment can be a deciding factor for customers to opt in or out of a particular brand’s subscription.

Our team will help you change the narrative before long-lasting negative perceptions take hold.

Our approach to ORM

ORM (Online Reputation Management) is crucial for any business, as it helps to establish trust and credibility with potential customers. At our marketing agency in Toronto, we understand that managing a company’s online reputation is a key factor in building a strong brand and driving business growth. Our approach to ORM is to proactively monitor and respond to customer feedback, and create and share positive content that showcases the best of our clients.

Online Reputation Protection

We all know it’s better to be sure than sorry. Proactively taking the decision to safeguard your online reputation, before it comes to a phase from which even recovery is hard, can be a lifesaver for many businesses out there. At Netscape, we help businesses prevent, plan and respond to negative events that might impact their brand’s image or reputation. Also, our assistance in managing our client’s privacy settings and removing critical information off the internet has benefited their business to avoid unnecessary reputation concerns.

Online Reputation Damage Limitation and Repair

The internet has evolved into what it is today and has created a network for opinions to spread like wildfires, especially bad ones. If your business is in the midst of a reputation crisis or is recovering from one, we’re here to extend a helping hand to get you out of the mess. From customer complaints to negative reviews, our team will help you navigate through every obstacle you may face in the digital landscape and minimize the damage to your reputation.

Online Reputation Analysis

We strive to bring the best to the table for our clients, hence our in-depth analysis of our client’s competitor’s online reputation strategy to draw insights and take swift corrective actions to make improvements. Our team provides regular reports and analytics to our clients to inform them of progress and resolve any concerns they may have.

Why is ORM Important for your Business?

In today’s digitally empowered world, every business looking to establish an online presence needs to take ownership of what message is being served to their audience. Even one unattended negative or misleading comment can take a heavy toll on a brand’s reputation. With your online reputation managed and maintained you get a finger on the pulse of your brand’s storyline circulating in the market.

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Our Approach to Web Design and Development


The internet has not only become a hub of information to ponder over, but also a space for people to voice their opinions about any and everything. As your Online Reputation managers, it’s our job to be on the lookout for any sort of bad publicity or mentions on review sites, social media, forums and news outlets. And as soon as we come across an issue, it is immediately flagged and resolved before causing any serious reputational harm. After the vision is all set, we engage to bring it to life for you.

Content Creation

Eliminating misleading information is crucial but not sufficient. Our next step to build or restore your online reputation is to replace negative content with a more positive narrative. This involves publishing accurate and trending content online, aiming for a problem-solving approach in order to generate trust with the audience. Our team of writers, designers, and social media experts curate and supervise the content that will not only exhibit 100% relevance to the industry it represents but also establish our clients as experts in their field.


It is our firm belief that for an online business to become valuable, it must first become visible. Here, engagement becomes a key factor in our online reputation management program, when it comes to building and maintaining an influence over our clients’ existing and future customers. Our engagement strategy involves- Encouraging conversation by using questions, polls and user-generated content, Using high-quality imagery/videos to capture the attention of customers, Being consistent with the posting schedule, and Optimising content for screens of all sizes.

Interaction with customers

Whether you realise it or not, conversations around your brand are happening all the time. To make sure your brand is perceived in the most positive light, we make sure to analyze and actively engage in these conversations, on your behalf, to ensure whatever is being said accurately reflects the company image you are looking to build and maintain.

Social Media

Our team offers services to manage your online reputation across various digital platforms including social media. There’s no better place to proactively manage and spark social conversations to reduce the communication gap with your target audience as these social platforms allow users to get directly in touch with the brand they’re interested in. Moreover, social spaces are great for analyzing audience trends, creating offers, participating in campaigns, and actively responding to feedback.

Tailored Strategies

We also develop and execute reputation management strategies that are tailored to each client’s needs and goals, to ensure they maintain a positive reputation and trust of their target audience. We tailor our ORM strategies to each client’s specific needs, to help them maintain a positive reputation and build trust with their target audience.

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As a small offline business owner, expanding my enterprise in the digital space seemed like a far-fetched dream to me, until I came across Netscape. Their team’s support has helped me establish a successful e-commerce website and scale new heights! Highly recommended!

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We saw a significant increase in traffic and sales after teaming up with Netscape Digital. Working with these professionals has been a game changer for our business.

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We were struggling to get our social media strategy off the ground, but Netscape helped us identify and target our ideal customer base across many social platforms, making the process easy as well as manageable and the results have been outstanding!

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